Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door Toronto?

Garage Door Maintenance and Installation

This is a very common question among homeowners in Toronto. There are times when their garage door Toronto will just stop working for some reason or the other and they will be faced with the decision – whether to repair or replace. Here is a little insight that may help you make the right choice for your home.

Bent Door Section(s)

A typical garage door Toronto has 4 or 5 door panels depending on the door’s height. Quite often, overhead door panels can get damaged but the rest of the system keeps on working perfectly. In some cases, replacing the entire door is the only option because the product lines sometimes are discontinued from the manufacturer’s side. It may be surprising to some, but overhead door panels are not changeable between manufacturers and other models. The rule of thumb here is that if more than one garage door panel has been damaged, then your best bet is to purchase a new door. The cost difference in those door panels and a new door system is not significant.

Broken Garage Door Spring

A broken overhead door spring can be quite an inconvenience. These springs often decide to break when you are leaving home for an important meeting or coming in from a long, tiring day. While a broken spring is an indication that your door has some wear and tear, it does not make your entire door system faulty. Often times than not, professionals at garage door repair Toronto will recommend a spring and roller replacement. The average life expectancy of an overhead door spring is 10,000 cycles. One cycle completes when your door opens and closes 1 time. A garage door spring replacement plus lubrication and opener tune-up is sufficient to have your system up and running for years to come, given it is properly maintained.

Garage Door Opener Malfunction

It comes as a surprise to many that contact professionals at garage door repair Toronto, but doors and openers both are generally designed by different companies and have separate life cycles. A faulty garage door opener does not mean that your entire door needs replacement. If your opener is giving you problems, then call your local garage door repairmen and they will be able to repair or replace the opener without you having to spend dollars on a new door.

Still confused whether you need garage door repair or replacement? Contact Star Garage Doors today. Our professionals will visit your home to thoroughly analyze your system, and then they will advise you the required course of action. Our full range of services offer sale, installation and garage door repair Toronto. Get in touch with us today.


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